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Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Rest against the soft cedar and feel the warm air of the sauna gradually settle into you. Listen for the hiss of the water as it evaporates off the stones, and let your mind and body be refreshed and restored. This experience is yours with the Almost Heaven Canopy Barrel Sauna. Expanding on the distinct cooperage design of the Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna, the Canopy model features an additional one to two feet of sheltered seating area on the outside of the room, as well as two extra benches. The covered canopy offers privacy and shade from the weather while you engage in cool down periods and relax with friends.

The graceful shape of the Canopy sauna is enhanced with the natural beauty of hand-selected, Red Cedar lumber from managed forests in northwestern Canada. Only the best lumber is chosen, and extra care is taken to remove imperfections while still allowing the natural character of wood to show through. The materials are hand-milled into a ball and socket profile that lends a flowing look while nestling the staves closely together. Stainless steel bands wrap around the outside of the sauna, securing the staves and offering enhanced structural support. This allows the room to comfortably expand and contract with the normal temperature fluctuations while providing appropriate insulation from the elements.

The Canopy sauna is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and the front and back walls are pre-built for exceptionally simple installation. Each sauna includes illustrated installation instructions, and a demonstration video is available on our website for your convenience. With interior lighting, a graceful curved glass door with self-closing hinges, an electric Finnish style heater and the fresh scent of cedar, this sauna is both functional and beautiful.

For over thirty years, Almost Heaven Saunas has been dedicated to building distinct Finnish saunas that are both authentic and true works of art. Based in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia, Almost Heaven Saunas takes pride in the quality of materials as well as the craftsmanship that go into each sauna. Only solid wood from sustainable resources is used to build the floors, walls, and ceilings of these rooms. The best quality Finnish style heaters are included, and stainless steel components won't rust or harm the sauna. Almost Heaven's staff of experienced artisans continues to ensure that only the best products reach your door, and they are completely committed to creating saunas that are a lifetime investment in your health and serenity.
Model: Capacity Heater Size Dimensions
6x6 4-Person 4.5 kw 72" W x 77" H x 72" D
6x8 4-Person 6.0 kw 72" W x 77" H x 96" D
  • Available in 6x6 and 6x8 Canopy models
  • 220v, 30 amp electrical requirement
  • Made with solid, 1-3/8" thick Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • Pre-assembled wall sections fit into dado-cut ball and socket stave profiles
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Welcome to SaunaSupplyWorld, your online resource for quality saunas and accessories. We carry a fantastic selection of steam and infrared rooms in an assortment of sizes that are sure to fit any preference and budget. You won't want to miss the solid red cedar traditional saunas from Almost Heaven, a company that has been manufacturing beautiful, effective saunas in the United States for over thirty years. In addition to their self-titled collection, check out the Greenbrier models, which bring the same craftsmanship and visual appeal at a different price point. Finally, our Heat Wave saunas are infrared and available with carbon or ceramic heaters for a relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

SaunaSupplyWorld is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service before, during, and after your purchase. The saunas on our site are in stock and we pride ourselves on quick shipping times, the lowest possible prices, and responsive support. Whether you're just beginning to build your dream, researching available options, or ready to buy, we want to be your resource for as long as you need us.

Relax in all the comfort and luxury of a day spa on your schedule, from the privacy of your home! Whether you're unwinding with a book at the end of a long day or enjoying the company of your loved ones, these saunas are the premier way to treat yourself for years to come. Better still, manufacturers are now building these rooms to be a pleasant focal point in any room or backyard setting. Warm lighting and music players are a natural complement to the rich, buttery tones of the wood, and these features have become standard in most saunas today. As you browse the selection on this site, you may wonder what the features of steam and infrared saunas are. Here are some highlights that may aid in your shopping or research:

Steam saunas are also sometimes referred to as traditional saunas. This is because they employ the same heating process that was first used by ancient civilizations, namely, water is added to heated rocks to create steam and high temperatures in an enclosed room. As any physician will tell you, the respiratory benefits of a hot, dry, steamed room are numerous, and saunas are recommended for those with asthma and other bronchial conditions. The heat of traditional saunas causes bathers to sweat, which many say improves the complexion and rids the body of excess water. The smell and warmth of the wood in your sauna has relaxation effects unlike any other.

Infrared saunas are a relatively new approach, and aficionados will tell you that they are not technically saunas, but "infrared therapy rooms." The reason for the distinction is that infrared saunas do not heat to the same high temperatures of their traditional counterparts, and no steam is generated by their use. Instead, infrared waves are generated by carbon or ceramic heaters built into the walls and benches of the room, delivering relaxing effects to muscles and joints, while warming to 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (a traditional sauna can reach anywhere from 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit). The benefit of infrared saunas is that they run purely on electricity, so no heating elements, buckets or ladels are needed to complete your experience.

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